Request the Dataset and Data Use Agreement

Dataset Request and data use agreement for the National Directory of Higher Education in Prison dataset: Online Application and agreement

Researchers interested in using the Landscape of Higher Education in Prison Programs Dataset must complete this Online Application and agree to the terms and conditions of the Data Use Agreement outlined within. If an application is approved the principal investigator will receive an electronic transfer (via email) of the full dataset, the dataset codebook and a copy of the completed agreement. Please submit questions to:

Principal Investigator Information

Please provide the following information about the Principal Investigator associated with this request.

Research Staff Information

Anyone other than the Principal Investigator who has access to the data or handles the data files in any capacity must be added to the research staff. If your computing staff or data librarian will be handling the data, you should include them here as research staff. Please list the first and last name of all research staff, separated by a comma.

Project Information

Please enter a brief description (2-3 sentences) of why you are requesting the data. Your description should address:

  • the topic of the proposed research
  • why the data are necessary
  • how the data will be used/analyzed
  • the timeline for the project and data analysis
Data Use Agreement

Please read the following Data Use Agreement carefully. In order to complete this Online Application, you will be asked to Agree to the terms as outlined.

Requirements of Investigator

A.       The Investigator assumes the responsibility of fully and accurately completing the Online Application.

B.       The Investigator agrees to manage and use data as described in the OnlineApplication, implement all security procedures per the terms described in this Data Use Agreement, and ensure that all Research Staff understand their requirements per this Agreement and follow the terms of the Data Use Agreement.

Obligations of the Alliance for Higher Education in Prison

Upon receipt of a complete and approved Online Application, the Alliance agrees to:

A.       Provide the data requested by the Investigator within a reasonable time following receipt and approval of the Online Application.

B.        Provide a codebook and other relevant documentation related to the data.

C.        Unless prohibited by law, the Principal Investigator assumes all liability for claims for damages against them by third parties that may arise from the use, storage, disposal, or disclosure of the data, except to the extent and in proportion such liability or damages arise from the negligence of the Alliance.

Obligations of the Investigator and Research Staff 

Data provided under this Agreement shall be held by the Principal Investigator and Research Staff in strictest confidence and can be used or disclosed only in compliance with the terms of this Agreement. The Investigator and Research Staff agree:

A.        That the data will be used solely for the project as identified in the Research Description of the Online Application and for no other purpose without the prior written consent of the Alliance forHigher Education in Prison.

B.        That any substantive change in scope or objectives of the project as described in the Research Description will be reported in writing to the Alliance for Higher Education in Prison.

C.       That no persons other than those identified in this agreement as Investigator or Research Staff be permitted access to the contents of data files or any derivatives from the data.

D.       That within five (5) business days of becoming aware of any unauthorized access, use, or disclosure of data, or access, use, or disclosure of data that is inconsistent with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the unauthorized or inconsistent access, use, or disclosure of data will be reported in writing to the Alliance for Higher Education in Prison ( with the subject line “Dataset Research Project”).

E.        That any and all books, articles, conference papers, theses, dissertations, reports, manuscripts or other publications derived or based in whole or in part on the data will include attribution to the National Directory of Higher Education inPrison Programs. The suggested citation is:

National Directory of Higher Education in Prison Programs. (2020, December). Alliance for Higher Education in Prison. Retrieved from

F.        To provide a final report to the Alliance for Higher Education in Prison upon completion of the project described in the Online Application. The final report should be submitted to: with the subject line “Dataset Final Report” and should include:

  • A copy of the IRB approval for the project described in the Online Application, if IRB approval is required by the Investigator’s primary institution;
  • A listing of public presentations using results based on the data or derivatives or analyses of the data;
  • A listing of papers accepted for publication using the data or derivatives or analyses of the data.

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